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Beth Freschi is a relaxation and life coach based in St. Paul, MN and the owner of A Time for Expression, LLC. She holds a B.A. in psychology from St. Olaf College (Northfield, MN) and an M.A. in Counseling Psychology from University of St. Thomas (St. Paul. MN). With over 15 years of experience in the mental health field, she brings a wealth of professional knowledge to her nuanced, specialized relaxation classes and popular recordings.

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These downloadable guided relaxation recordings for stress management and wellness are delivered as MP3 files.

"Beth , I just wanted to say a big thank you all the way from Scotland, for producing such a beautiful set of relaxation exercises, which I recently purchased on iTunes. I used to suffer from regular stress-related bouts of insomnia and feeling generally hyper. I wanted to get back to that 'inner peace' I had as a child, and this has helped me do just that. I often sit and listen to the 'Mediterranean Sea' whilst working at my desk. I don't feel sleepy, just contented and very relaxed. Many thanks and what a beautiful, calming voice!" — Rube Bain, Verification Engineer for Bureau Veritas


"Beth's voice is incredibly soothing and guides you right into a very relaxed state. For so many of us today, this is a necessity. I was having a harder time relaxing enough to get a sound sleep. Problem solved. I listened to many sample CDs before purchasing this one. The background music and the words and, of course, her delivery, not to mention reading the other reviews, is what sold me. I like how the series is not too long and goes in such an order that by the end, you are truly in a state of relaxation." 
— Anne Nonn, Amazon customer commenting on “A Time for Relaxation”

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Listening to a guided relaxation recording is a great way to decompress after a long day—ahhhh!

“The focus on breath and your imagery are pure magic for helping one to relax and ultimately fall asleep…During the several times which I listened to the CD, I did fall asleep. Once, I awoke in the middle but the cadence of your voice and the lull of it helped put me back into a deep, relaxing state…I will certainly be interested in trying out other CDs as you create them. My road is long and complicated and any type of self-help mechanism and tool that I can use to promote calmness and internal peace are most welcome.”
— S.L. from Newton, Massachusetts, testimonial on "A Time for Sleep"

"This is my very first relaxation CD I have purchased. Let me tell you...it changed my nights! I was having so much trouble falling asleep because I would get lost in my own thoughts and relive the day (and sometimes the past). I couldn't shut down. When I listen to Beth's soothing voice and words, I listen to what she is saying and forget all about my day. Listening to her CD has become my nighttime ritual. Before I go to sleep I say, "Goodnight Beth". LOL. Very grateful I have this CD. I will be purchasing a few for Christmas presents this year. I highly recommend it!"
— D. LaBelle, commenting on “A Time for Relaxation”

"To begin, your voice is very soothing, as is the background music. You enunciate your words and you are easy to understand. The beginning is powerful—I like the emphasis upon breathing and the fact that this theme runs throughout the entire tape. Your explanation of how one’s breath connects with one’s feelings and also one’s body is super. I could visualize the air reaching my arms, throat, fingers, legs, toes, etc. I liked the section on muscle relaxation  exercises. Unfortunately,  I didn’t always stay awake for that segment. And I never got past that part of the CD, ever! I was always sound asleep. In summation, your content, especially your emphasis on breathing, was well chosen. And your visualization techniques, as well as  your background music and your voice, all contributed to making this a most successful tape for bedtime."
— Lois Levine, testimonial for “A Time for Sleep” 

"So many of us are under so much stress daily that to be in a completely relaxed state daily is incredibly healthy. I have experienced great results from listening to Beth's calming voice and the music is just as tranquil."
— Lauren Fehr, Licensed Acupuncturist

As a professional relaxation coach, teaching my clients requires understanding how each relaxation tool can assist each individual. My guided relaxation recordings help clients by giving them gentle guidance and encouragement towards learning how to relax in the moment. Turning on a relaxation MP3 during downtime during the day will give you a moment of clarity as well as training on how best to relax when faced with immense stress. These MP3s cover a variety of relaxation techniques as well as various guided methods to enrich your overall relaxation program, helping to improve sleep at night and renew energy during the day.